Kjeldalselva Hydropower Plant

Tender design of a small hydroelectric power plant in Kjeldalselva, Norway.  Project details included: preparation of technical documentation for the Norwegian authorities on dam safety, which was submitted to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).  Concrete dam, spillway and intake design.  Estimation of design flood as well as engineering design of ductile iron penstock and associated concrete thrust blocks. Engineering design and tender documents for approximately 1 km long access tunnel.  Max head is 230 m, and the powerstation houses one 4.7 MW Pelton turbine with an estimated 12.8 GWh in annual power generation.


Tender design of all concrete structures and penstock. Flood estimate and tunnel design & specifications. Specifications for intake equipment.


12.8 GWst 
4.7 MW 
Installed capacity