Green Hydrogen Production in Iceland

Mannvit designed the facilities for a hydrogen (H2) production station and three hydrogen fueling stations for vehicles. ON's hydrogen production station is located in Hellisheidi, just outside Reykjavik, and two of Orkan's fueling stations are in Reykjavik and one in Reykjanesbaer. There are multiple items to consider when installing hydrogen stations, including fire protection, risk assessment and safety, electrical connections, access and accessibility. Mannvit also took care of Construction Management for the stations.


Vetnisstöð Ísland

Green Hydrogen

The hydrogen production facility is located next to ON's geothermal power plant and uses clean renewable energy for the process, making it a truly green hydrogen production. This green H2 is transported to Orkan's three H2 stations for use on vehicles. The project is cooperation of Orka náttúrunnar (ON Power) and two other Icelandic companies; Orkan, a sub-brand of Skeljungur hf., and Icelandic New Energy. Start-up funding came from European grants, in addition to a ISK 100 million from ON Power.


  • Risk assessment
  • ATEX
  • Fire protection
  • Cost estimates
  • Project management
  • Electrical connection design
  • Construction management
700 kW 
H2 facilities
1000 bar 
Highest design pressure