Geothermal plant in Tura, Hungary

KS Orka arranged for Mannvit to design and construct a geothermal plant in Tura, which is an agricultural town 40 km from Budapest. The project is the first of its kind in Hungary and will produce 3 MW of electricity as well as hot water to heat greenhouses for tomato growing. KS Orka Renewables Pte Ltd of Singapore (KS ORKA) contracted Mannvit in 2016 for the complete engineering services for the Turawell geothermal combined heat and power (CHP) project in Hungary. KS Orka has acquired a majority share of the Turawell project from a local developer with the aim of producing electricity in addition to providing thermal energy to facilities in the area. The implementation of the Turawell project will benefit from the combined experience of KS Orka and Mannvit, e.g. in Iceland and Asia. Much of the work for the Turawell project took place at the Mannvit Budapest office, which has been active in geothermal consulting in Hungary and the Central- and Eastern Europe area for a decade. The Turawell plant is the first geothermal CHP plant in Hungary. The plant has an installed capacity of 3 MW electric and 7 MW thermal. The plant will sell the 7 MW thermal energy to a green house, that will be operated in the area.



Photo: KS Orka

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7 MW 
Thermal capacity
3 MW 
Electrical capacity

“The project is a valuable investment for the local community. It will increase the tax income, create new workplaces and facilitate further geothermal energy incentive investments in the town. In co-operation with Mannvit, the investor, KS Orka, has already started the preparation of the second phase of the project, by drilling new production and reinjection wells and building up a plant with more than 10 MW electrical capacity.”

Gábor Molnár

Project Manager


Video of Tura geothermal power plant - KS Orka