Fljótsdalslina 3 and 4, Transmission Lines

Supervision of the construction of Fljótsdalslína 3 & 4 transmission lines. Mannvit's role was the supervising the construction of foundations, roads, assembly and erection of transmission line towers and installation of transmission lines.

The project included two, 400 kV transmission lines, 50 and 53 km long. Line routes cross areas with severe climate conditions including heavy ice loads and avalanches. Conductor setup is mostly duplex with earth wires closest to terminals. Tower types include V- and H- types of guyed lattice steel towers and self-supporting lattice steel towers, all on concrete foundations. Other types include avalanche resistant tubular steel towers, terminal towers and special architectural designed towers. Operated in first phase at 220 kV.


  • Construction supervision
  • Cost Control
  • Risk Assessment
  • HSE
  • Reporting
110 km 
400 kV