Elkem’s ferrosilicon plant

Mannvit works for Elkem’s ferrosilicon plant in Iceland for the renewal of various processing systems and equipment. The core product at Elkem Iceland is FeSi 75% of different grades. The plant’s equipment is subject to a great deal of wear and tear due to the effects of the raw material, heat and environment and, as a result, improvements and maintenance are a major part of the operation. Strict demands are made for operational security as well as employee safety. Projects must be completed within a set timeframe while still focusing on employee safety in the installation and use of equipment.

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One of the larger projects in recent years is the construction and installation of new smoke hoods for plant furnaces No. 1 and 2 together with the cooling systems connected to them. The replacement of smoke hoods is estimated to be completed in 2015 although this is dependent on the condition and operation of the furnaces each time.

Mannvit was also recently involved in the design of a tilting chair for the casting of ferrosilicon in the plant’s casting belt. This is equipment that takes delivery of ladles containing molten metal from a ladle wagon, lifts it up and pours the molten metal into a runner between the tilting chair and the casting belt. The new equipment saves considerable time during casting and decreases work components. This increases employee safety in these tricky conditions. The project called for close collaboration between the designer and the equipment users and adaptation was partly done after the equipment was put to use. The result is equipment with which the buyer is happy with and is used in a safer plant.


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Plant furnaces

“When working with a company such as Elkem, it is necessary to be ready to meet challenges that may arise from day to day and in this we have been successful. A good indication of our excellent collaboration is the steady stream of requests from Elkem to undertake new projects, both large and small. The partnership has been a success and the days pass quickly, another indication that the work is enjoyable“.

Sigurður Jónsson & Gunnar Óli Sigurðsson

Design, supervision and project management