EGS project in Hungary

The European Union's NER300 programme, which supports green and sustainable development of energy utilisation in Europe, has awarded Mannvit and its collaborators, the Hungarian ministry of economy and the company EU-FIRE kft, a grant to develop an Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) for production of electricity in Southeast Hungary. EGS utilizes heat in rock deep in the earth, by injecting water down to the rock and pumping it back up after it is heated. 

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The heated water is used to produce electricity and if feasible, also district heating, to make as efficient use of the hot liquid as possible before re-injecting it, thus creating a cycle for extracting the thermal energy from the rock. The EU's potential contribution to the project is 40% of its total cost, which is estimated to be nearly €120 million. In recent years Mannvit's collaboration on multiple-utilization of geothermal energy for the heating of buildings, industry and electricity production with companies, municipalities and governments in states in Central and Eastern Europe, has steadily increased through its office in Budapest.


EPCM consultancy, including planning and preparation, project management, engineering, procurement, construction management and drilling supervision.

EU‘s contribution
Well depth
120 M€ 
Est. total cost

"The EGS project in southern Hungary puts Mannvit at the forefront of innovation in the field of geothermal energy utilisation. The development of EGS technology will make it possible to harvest the energy from the Earth’s crust in places that have hitherto neither been considered viable nor feasible.”

Óðinn Albertsson

Project Manager