Due Diligence Maule Geothermal, Chile

Perform a review and evaluation of a data package for the Maule Geothermal Project in Chile in order to facilitate the Client's decision on whether to invest in the project.

The due-diligence study addressed a geothermal project in the Laguna del Maule concession for which Magma Energy (later Alterra Power Corp.) had an exploitation license for a 50 MW geothermal power plant. Several exploration wells had been been drilled in the area. A Canadian resource development company acquired the services of Mannvit to perform a review and evaluation of the available geothermal data, interpretation of the geothermal system, its estimated power capacity, and plans for and cost of  development. Mannvit also compared key project parameters with similar parameters from other typical geothermal projects.

The project is now owned by Canadian based Alterra Power Corp. and Philippines company Energy Development Corp. (EDC).


Review and evaluation of a data package for the following:
• The quality of the existing data.
• The interpretation of the data as presented.
• A comparative assessment of the project in terms of the stage of exploration and potential relative to typical geothermal plays at this stage.
• The proposed next stage of the exploration, alternative programs, risks and comparative costs.