Daneborg Oil Depot in Greenland

The Danish Ministry of Defense was responsible for the renewal of the oil depot at the Dannebrog (Danneborg) military base on the east coast of Greenland. The base is the headquarters of the world-famous SIRIUS dog-sled corps that guards Danish sovereignty in the arctic wilderness. This task is in the hands of six sled teams, each consisting of two soldiers and thirteen sled dogs.

Mannvit was a sub-contractor in this project to Per Aarsleff AS, one of the largest earthworks contractors in Denmark. Mannvit was responsible for engineering in the fields of electricity, mechanics and load-bearing structures. Conditions at the project site were extremely demanding. The depth to the permafrost is only 1-2 m and work can only be carried out for two months a year due to difficult weather conditions. Employees must carry a riffle to protect themselves in the event a polar bear enters the work area.


  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Structural engineering
2 months/year 
Work can be carried out
160,000 km² 
Military surveillance area
70°-80° latitude 
Patrol area

“It is a pleasure to collaborate with such a strong contractor as Per Aarsleff. In continuation of this project, Mannvit has entered into a similar agreement for the renewal of the oil depot at Station Nord that is located approximately 920 km from the North Pole.”

Ásmundur Magnússon

Project Manager