Correctional Facility in Reykjavik

Mannvit, along with Arkís architects and other consultants, worked on designing a new correctional facility in Hólmsheidi. The Arkís proposal won first place in a group of 18 proposals on design of the building, solicited by the Government Construction Contracting Agency (FSR). The facility is 3500 m² and will have 56 prison cells. Mannvit did the engineering design and preparation of tender documents.

The estimated cost of the prison is more than ISK 2 billion (€12.5 million). It has been decided that the prison shall be certified under the international BREEAM environmental certification system. This certification dictates that, when creating a man-made environment, efforts shall focus on enhancing the quality of life, sustainability of local resources and building in accordance with the best of the Nordic design tradition.


  • Engineering design
  • Preparation of tender documents for earthmoving
  • Structural engineering
  • HVAC
  • Acoustics engineering
3500 m² 
Prison cells
€13 million 
Est. cost