Bridges in Grilstad Marina, Norway

Mannvit, in collaboration with Prosjektutvikling Midt-Norge, worked on the design of five bridges in a new marina district, named Grilstad Marina in Trondheim, Norway. Grilstad Marina is located east of Trondheim's City Centre and includes a mix of residential buildings, offices and commercial buildings.

Mannvit's role in the project involves the design of two overpasses and three pedestrian and bicycle bridges. The overpasses, which have two lanes, are 67 m and 20 m long in addition to walkways and biking lanes, while the footbridges are made of steel and the longest one spans 73 meters. The total cost of the project was about €3.3 million. 


Design of 2 cast concrete bridges for driving traffic and three steel pedestrian bridges, including preparation of tender documents. Building and engineering supervision, disposition class 3.

Longest bridge