Blanda - 220 kV Transmission Line

Blanda transmission line 3 is a 220 kV is an overhead transmission line from the substation at Blanda hydroelectric power plant to the town of Akureyri in North Iceland. Mannvit’s tasks were to prepare a feasibility study and predesign for a new 107 km long 220 kV transmission line.

The first stage of design and data for Environmental Impact Assessment involved  tower spotting, selection of tower types, foundations, conductors and hardware, quarry research and mapping, cost estimation, project and manpower schedule and description of main assumptions. 

The line is designed for 470 MVA capacity at 50°C conductor temperature, although 560 MVA capacity can be reached at 70°C. Other parts of the project involved relocation of the existing line, Rangárvallalína 1 (132 kV), at specific locations and predesign of a 132 kV cable from the OHL at Kífsá river to Akureyri. 


  • EIA
  • 3D visual photos for EIA
  • Mapping of quarries
  • Load assumptions
  • Tower type selection
  • Tower overview drawings
  • Tower spotting and track routing
470 MVA 
220 kV 
107 km 

In 2008, Landsnet began the preparation of the 220 kV Blanda transmission line 3. The transmission line runs through five municipalities and is related to the build-up of power intensive industry in Northern Iceland, in addition to being the 1st phase in the refurbishment of the entire national grid.