Bjarnarflag Geothermal Power Plant

Landsvirkjun plans to build a geothermal power plant, with electrical power of 90 MW in two 45 MW phases at Bjarnarflag in Northeast Iceland. Since 1992, Landsvirkjun has invested considerably in research and taken large strides towards further harnessing the geothermal area at Bjarnarflag where a 3 MW geothermal power plant has been in place since 1969. The EIA for a 90 MW power plant in Bjarnarflag was completed in 2004, and reconsidered in 2014 since 10 years had passed and plant construction had not begun. Six production wells and steam for phase 1 is available and full project design began in 2012.

Mannvit, in collaboration with Verkis, handled the design of the power plants and preparation of tender documents for up to 90 MW of electricity. The companies will also provide technical assistance during the construction period.


  • Project management for the consultants
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Procurement documents
  • Detail design
  • Supervision assistance for mechanical installation
  • Supervision assistance for control equipment installation
20 km² 
Reservoir size
738 GWh 
Production wells

Introduction to the Bjarnarflag GPP project (In Icelandic)