Biliran Geothermal Project

A geothermal power plant is to be engineered, procured and constructed in Biliran, Philippines on behalf of Orka Energy and affiliated company BGI. Mannvit’s tasks as the Owner’s Engineer for the project include well design review, steam gathering system and initial power plant design, Project Management, Resident Engineer and supervision.

Biliran is a 536 km² volcanic island located in Biliran Province of the Eastern Visayas Region, just north of the island of Leyte.  The planned geothermal power plant is a 50 MW steam-flash plant. Mannvit further participates in the drilling as consultant during contract negotiation, design review of and provides analysis of events during drilling. IDC is the drilling contractor. Mannvit provides review and procurement assistance in Civil Works. Orka Energy provides the Section Engineer for civil works and local engineering consultant GHD provides civil works design and supervision. Mannvit provides the section engineer for the EPC contract, which encompasses both the steam gathering system and the power plant. 


  • Project Management
  • Project cost and time schedules
  • Feasibility report update
  • Well head unit feasibility report
  • Consultation during negotiation of drilling services contract
  • Well pad arrangement including design of wellhead and discharge system for flow tests and operation.
  • Monitoring of well capacity
  • Steam Gathering System design (P&I diagram)
  • Power Plant overall layout
  • Review of engineering and detail design
  • Consultation during negotiation of PPA
  • Concept design of power plant for EPC tender
  • Concept design of steam gathering system for EPC tender
  • Technical specifications for EPC tender
  • Consultation during EPC contract negotiations
  • Supervision at site by Resident Engineer
Philippines in GPP production
536 km2 
Biliran island
Spudding of 1st well

Orka Energy Philippines is a geothermal power producer dedicated to generating and distributing geothermal resources in the Asia-Pacific region with a focus on the Philippines. The company consists of seasoned professionals with ample experience in the Asia-Pacific region’s geothermal industry.