Berlin Palace

Humboldt Forum is part of Berlin Palace in Germany, which will house a museum, university and a large exhibition space on the ground floor. This renovated palace in a historic district of Berlin will be a centre where people from all over the world can meet and share their ideas. GTN, which is a subsidiary of Mannvit, is responsible for the planning and construction site management for the entire heat and cold generation and distribution systems of this project.


Photo © Berlin Palace - Humboldtforum Foundation/Hi.Res.Cam GmbH.



Planning and construction site management for HVAC.

Reconstruction completed
€590 million 
est. Cost

“Sustainability and energy savings are key elements in this building project. Traditional energy-saving technique is utilised, as well as geothermal power, in order to reduce the use of carbon fuels and the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2). In this project, we will make good use of our experience with similar large projects, e.g. in the historic Reichstag building in Berlin.”

Gerd Möllmann

Project Manager