Búrfell Hydroplant Construction Supervision

Mannvit is responsible for project supervision of the enlargement of Búrfell Hydroelectric Power Station. The project includes supervision of the construction and earthworks for the enlargement of the power station. The power station will utilise water that currently flows past the current station. The installed capacity of the new station will be 100 MW with one turbine, with the possibility of a 40 MW expansion. The plant was operational in the spring of 2018.

Mannvit’s role in the project was twofold. First, monitoring of earthworks, i.e. digging for a headrace canal, intake installation, pressure shaft, cable shaft, powerhouse vault, adjacent valves, access and connecting tunnel, tailrace tunnel and tailrace canal, as well as constructing a bridge and roads in the construction area. Second, the project involves monitoring construction work, i.e. the construction of the powerhouse, as well as the casting of the intake housing, transformer housing and access construct. In addition to this, Mannvit is responsible for monitoring security, health and environmental issues, as well as providing health services on site.


  • Supervision of the construction & earthworks for the enlargement of the power station
  • HSE
  • Health services on site
100 MW 
Headrace canal
Pressure shaft

“Mannvit’s employees have been involved in one way or another with most power stations in Iceland, and it is very pleasing to be able to add the enlargement of Búrfell Power Station to this long list. We are also taking on a new role, as we are responsible for health services on site, in addition to traditional monitoring and engineering work. With the enlargement of Búrfell Power Station, the capacity of Iceland’s electricity system can be increased by up to 300 GWh by utilising water from Bjarnalón, which the current station cannot utilise. There are many challenges in working far from the home office, but Mannvit’s employees have received special praise for their work and good morale, which is particularly pleasing to hear.”

Jóhanna Þórunn Ásgrímsdóttir

Project Manager