Aviation fuel pipe at Keflavík airport

Mannvit was responsible for the design and preparation of tender documents for ISAVIA’s fuel hydrant system at Keflavík International Airport, which is the gateway to Iceland and a convenient hub between Europe and North America. The work involved a new 1350 m aviation petrol pipe (fuel hydrant system) including refuelling pits for a new apron that connects Keflavík airport to the pipe in Helguvík, on the west side of the terminal building. In addition, a new fuel feeding pipe that connects the oil depot and the apron hydrants near the terminal. All piping is underground and extensive requirements are made for safety and quality finishing work when handling aircraft fuel.

Finally Mannvit prepared a proposal for flushing of the whole part of the oil hydrant systems for the terminal.


Mannvit’s task involved the design of the pipelines and documentation for the earthworks and pipework. Mannvit was responsible for the preparation of tender documents, specifications and cost estimates and managed the purchase of specialised equipment, such as isolation valve pits, refuelling pits and low point pits from overseas.

Fuel pipe length
3.8 million 
Passengers 2014
KEF airport opened

“The main challenges facing Mannvit’s engineers in this project were that the design must take account of the strict arrangements during implementation as the traffic on the aprons is in full swing while the construction work is being carried out. Also, the equipment is specialised and there are strict safety rules for fuel in underground pipelines.”

Már Sigurðsson

Project Manager