220 kV Transmission Lines, Substations and 132 kV Power Cable

Project details included: feasibility study and predesign for the Krafla-Theistareykir-Bakki 220 kV Transmission Line, Substations and 132 kV Power Cable. Feasibility study and predesign for five 220 kV Transmission Lines, total 120 km long from Krafla to Theistareykir and the Bakki industrial area in NE-Iceland, three 220 kV substations and a 10 km long 132 kV power cable.  First stage of design and data for Environmental Impact Assessment involved  tower spotting, selection of tower types, foundations, conductors and hardware, quarry research and mapping, cost estimation, project and manpower schedule and description of main assumptions.

The lines are designed for 512-945 MVA capacity. Other elements of the project involved pre-design of 132 kV cable from Bjarnarflag Geothermal power plant to Krafla, enlargement of Krafla substation and two new 220 kV substations at Hólasandur and Theistareykir. A 90 MW geothermal power plant at Theistareykir will supply the energy to the industrial park at Bakki.


  • EIA, 3D visual photos for EIA
  • Mapping of quarries
  • Load assumptions
  • Tower type selection
  • Tower overview drawings,
  • Tower spotting
  • Track routing
  • Cost estimates
  • Project planning


120 km 
220 kV 
Transmission lines

Landsnet‘s role is to operate Iceland’s electricity transmission system and administer its system operations. Landsnet operates under a concession arrangement and is subject to regulation by the National Energy Authority.