Article - 09/05/2016

Turawell Geothermal Project Hungary

KS Orka Renewables Pte Ltd of Singapore (KS ORKA) has contracted Mannvit for the complete engineering services for the Turawell geothermal combined heat and power (CHP) project in Hungary. KS Orka has acquired a majority share of the Turawell project from a local developer with the aim of producing electricity in addition to providing thermal energy to facilities in the area. The implementation of the Turawell project will benefit from the combined experience of KS Orka and Mannvit, e.g. in Iceland and Asia.

Mr. Lárus Hólm, Manager of Mannvit’s Budapest office said “We’ve been active in geothermal consulting in Hungary and the Central- and Eastern Europe area for a decade, therefore it is remarkable to see the increase taking place in geothermal projects both in direct usage and power plant projects in the area,” adding “this plant will become the first geothermal CHP plant in Hungary. This project together with the Croatia geothermal project underway is yet another milestone in the geothermal sector in the Pannonian basin, providing considerable contribution for those countries in meeting the EU’s 2020 goals of increasing their usage of emissions free renewable energy