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Article - 20/04/2018

Theistareykir Geothermal power plant full capacity

The 90 MW Theistareykir geothermal power plant has now reached full capacity. The plant is the third geothermal plant of Landsvirkjun, National Power Company of Iceland and 17th power plant. The plant's 1st phase of 45 MW was commissioned in December 2017 and the 2nd phase of another 45 MW was commissioned now in April 2018. Mannvit played an important role in the project development on behalf of Landsvirkjun.

Mannvit prepared project design reports, designed geothermal wells, oversaw technical supervision of the drilling of the current wells and evaluated the size of the geothermal area. Mannvit also carried out project design for high voltage lines and substations, as well as evaluating the environmental impact (EIA) and performing a joint EIA of high voltage lines and power plants in the area. Mannvit, in collaboration with Verkis, handled the overall design of the power plant and preparation of tender documents as well as commissioning of the plant. Tark-architects and Landslag-landscape architects were also a part of the main contractor group.

The turbine generator set is from Fuji Electric and cooling towers from Balcke-Durr. A high priority has been given to the careful development and utilisation of geothermal energy in the area and the Environmental Impact Assessment states that anything up to 200 MW could be utilised. Final completion of landscaping in the plant’s surroundings is projected to be completed in the fall of 2018.