Forsíða Sjálfbærniskýrsla Mannvit 2021
Article - 31/05/2022

Sustainability Report 2021

Mannvit's Sustainability Report 2021 in Icelandic has been published. In his address, Örn Guðmundsson, CEO, says: "We want to be a role model in our work, but we also emphasize that our main stakeholders consider sustainability in their operations because our greatest impact is not due to Mannvit's actual operations, but the impact we have on projects and therefore, the report covers our environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance and objectives, as well as various projects we undertake for clients, such as sustainability certification, green financing, switching to renewable energy, recycling asphalt, risk assessment and educational projects.

Creating and promoting a sustainable society is Mannvit's role and sustainability is woven into all of the company's operations. That's why we continued with a project we call “Fostering the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) where the staff selects a particular SDG for their discipline. The goal is to integrate the SDGs into our work and educate our staff.

Mannvit continued to focus on its podcast where the emphasis is on environmental issues, to draw attention to how far-reaching sustainability issues are, how much they affect our entire daily lives. The company's main environmental goals include better utilization of resources, waste limitation, improved environmental awareness of employees and customers.

Although the year was challenging, Mannvit succeeded in its goals related to our sustainability policy. As an example of that milestone, Mannvit achieved the company's goal of carbon neutrality in 2021. We continued to publish information in accordance with the Nasdaq ESG criteria to date, to focus on both internal and external stakeholders.

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