Strongest in Iceland Mannvit
Article - 24/10/2019

Strongest in Iceland 2019

Mannvit has been recognized as one of Iceland's strongest companies 2019 and would like to extend gratitude to our customers and staff for this recognition. Out of 33 thousand registered companies in Iceland, only 2% fulfil the strict criteria set by Credit info. Mannvit is amongst the few Icelandic companies that meet these requirements and thereby an important contributor to the future growth of the Icelandic economy. Eligibility for the award requires the fulfilment of Creditinfo's strict quality standards, professional requirements and in-depth analysis.

These include:

- Has submitted financial statement to RSK for the fiscal years 2016-2018
- The latest annual report was delivered on time according to the law
- Categorized by Creditinfo in risk category 1,2 or 3
- Positive EBIT for the fiscal years 2016-2018
- Positive operating profit for the fiscal years 2016-2018
- Equity ratio at least 20% for the fiscal years 2016-2018
- Registered CEO at the Company Registry Defined as a credit active company according to Creditinfo
- Total operating income of at least ISK 50m for 2017 and 2018
- Total assets at least ISK 100m for 2017, 90m 2016 and 80m 2015