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Article - 18/04/2015

Six Papers by Mannvit at WGC 2015

Every five years the entire geothermal industry comes together at the World Geothermal Congress for networking and sharing papers on scientific, technical, business and societal topics. This year the WGC is held in Melbourne, Australia from April 19th to the 24th. Mannvit is attending the WGC 2015 this year and we encourage delegates at the conference to meet Mannvit’s speakers, Mr. Kristinn Ingason and Dr. Gisli Gudmundsson at the Icelandic Pavilion booth (stand 49,50,55,56) and listen in on any of our six presentations during the technical sessions.

The conference and congress provides many networking opportunities in the conference exhibition, field trips and short courses in Australia and New Zealand. Over 1000 papers will be presented across 5 days of technical sessions with speakers coming from all over the world. The topics will range from technical to business, scientific to socioeconomic, electrical to direct use.

Mannvit will present six papers at the conference, which are “District Heating and Economy of Scale”, “Design of an H2S Absorption Column at the Hellisheidi Powerplant”, “Study of An EGS Power Plant Preliminary Feasibility Design by An Assumed Productivity Index”, “IDDP-2, Well Design”, “Promotion of Geothermal Energy in Serbia” and “Chloride Boride Relationship in Pannonian Basin Geothermal Systems.

If you would like to setup a meeting during the WGC please contact Mr. Ingason ( or Mr. Gudmundsson ( or contact Mr. Fridrik Omarsson ( for general inquiries.