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Article - 13/07/2016

Simav and Karakova Turkey

Mannvit is involved in two geothermal projects funded by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) PLUTO financing initiative in Turkey. The projects are called Simav - Eyre and Karakova - Turcas Geothermal Power Plant Projects, both located in the southwest part of Turkey. Mannvit was awarded the two separate contracts with the EBRD in partnership with a local Fichtner GmbH office in Turkey.

Mannvit's role is to act as an independent advisor to the EBRD on the project development; assessing the characteristics of the geothermal reservoir and the best approach to resource development; review of geoscientific data and advise on necessary steps to implement best practices; site review, support in the implementation and upholding of geothermal drilling best practices; provide advise on the optimal well design and borehole geometrics; and review of budgets.

Turkey is attracting a lot of interest from the global geothermal energy community both as a market for products and services and as an example on how to stimulate geothermal project development. Installed capacity in Turkey has increased more than six fold in the last five years. Growing from 95 megawatts (MW) at the beginning of 2011 to 648 MW today. The EBRD, has contributed to this increased capacity through project financing of more than 280 MW. Turkey’s geothermal development is growing at a fast pace and is projected to reach the target of 1 thousand megawatts by 2018.