Geo Dipa Dieng Scaling Mitigation Pilot Plant by Mannvit
Article - 08/09/2021

Scaling mitigation plant in Indonesia

Mannvit, in a team with CBN as the Indonesian partner of Mannvit, Kemía and Ísor, have been working on the construction of a pilot plant for the treatment of geothermal water to mitigate scaling for the expansion of the PT Geo Dipa Energi (Persero) geothermal power plant unit in Dieng, in Indonesia for the past 1 year. This summer, the pilot went into operation, which is intended to test the treatment of the geothermal water in order to reduce silica scaling before the design and construction of an expansion unit of the geothermal power plant.

The role of Mannvit and the Icelandic consultants was to provide a complete solution, including; design and engineering, manufacturing, operation and commissioning and training in the operation of the plant.

The operation of the pilot plant has been successful, according to Thorsteinn Sigmarsson, Director of Asian Market and geothermal expert at Mannvit, who has worked extensively in the design and installation of the station, which is located in Dieng. 

The operation of Dieng 1, which is already in place, has been significantly affected by scaling and as a result Geo Dipa Energi hired the consulting team from Iceland to assist with a problem before designing the next phase of the power plant. The consultants in the team have tremendous experience in treating scaling. Mannvit's staff from Iceland and its office in Jakarta, Indonesia worked closely in the entire process along with the other members of the Icelandic consulting team and staff from Geo Dipa Energi.

Photo: Thorsteinn Sigmarsson on site at Dieng's scaling power plant (top). Mannvit's staff work on the installation in Dieng (bottom).