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Article - 26/06/2020

Pre-qualification Geothermal Drilling in Corbetti, Ethiopia

Corbetti Geothermal PLC is developing a geothermal power project in the Corbetti caldera in Ethiopia. Berkeley Energy (BE), which is fund manager of the African Renewable Energy Fund, along with Reykjavik Geothermal (RG) are the principal participants in the project.

Mannvit Verkis is the Owner’s Engineer for the project and will be overseeing the procurement along with Corbetti Geothermal PLC (the Company). The Company has a license that will allow it to develop up to 500 MW of electrical generating capacity in the Corbetti caldera (the Project). Numerous surface studies have shown that this caldera has significant geothermal potential that permits an overall project of this size.

The Company has negotiated a PPA with Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) and a support agreement (IA) with the Government of Ethiopia (GoE), signed in March 2020. The PPA sets out the commercial terms for a project of up to 150 MW split into two phases of 50 MW and 100 MW. The PPA also grants the Company a right of first refusal over further geothermal expansion up to 500 MW. The contracts are in the process of being made effective by GoE through satisfaction of a number of conditions precedent. Swift resolution is expected.

Corbetti Geothermal PLC is pleased to announce a pre-qualification notice for geothermal drilling in the area of Corbetti in Ethiopia, to identify potential drilling contractors that are interested in participating in the Project.

General Instructions for Contractors

Interested drilling contractors are asked to send information about their company, their capability of performing the drilling of geothermal wells as described in this pre-qualification notice document and their experience in international drilling. A reference list of similar drilling projects that the candidate has performed earlier, especially in the international market, is required. Based on the information, candidates are invited to express their interest in making an integrated drilling contract with the Company for at least three geothermal exploration wells, and up to 26 productions wells.

The information provided is strictly confidential and solely for use in this pre-qualification and through the further development stages / phases. Detailed tendering documents will be issued at later stage to selected bidders after the results from this pre-qualification. It is estimated that the drilling contract will be awarded in Q4 2020.

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Download the Pre-qualification document here for full information.

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