Framfarir í 50 ár -
Article - 13/12/2013

Progress for 50 years

Mannvit has been celebrating 50 years of successful operation this year.  Two of the founding companies that later merged into Mannvit were established in 1963.  During this half a century, the Icelandic society and the economics of Iceland have seen a dramatic development from a simple society with poorly developed infrastructure to a highly modern flourishing society.


Engineering services for general infrastructure, energy and industry have been interwoven with this progress that took place within one lifetime, and Mannvit played an important role in this development. Experience from the rapid and successful development in Iceland is an export asset and Mannvit is increasing its international services on this basis.  


President Olafur R. Grimsson presented a book copy

On the occasion of the anniversary, Mannvit has published in the Icelandic language the history of the company illustrated with photos from earlier times and projects. A copy of this book, „Framfarir í 50 ár“, meaning „Progress for 50 years“ was recently presented to the President of the Republic of Iceland, Mr Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, as shown on the photo. 


From the left:  Atli Rúnar Halldórson, author of the book, the President, Jón Már Halldórsson, Chairman of Mannvit and Sigurður St. Arnalds, retired Chairman of Mannvit and editor of the book.  The President has for a number of years been very interested in the development of sustainable green energy, a field that is a particular speciality at Mannvit.