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Article - 20/02/2014

OHL from Budarhals HEP Connected to the Grid

Budarhalslina 1, 220 kV overhead line and new substations at Budarhals hydroelectric power plant were formally commissioned on January 10th when Ragnheidur Elin Arnadottir Minister of Industry- and Commerce connected the plant to the national power grid. Budarhalslina 1is about 5.6 km long, 220 kV transmission line from the substation at Budarhals to Hrauneyjarfosslina 1 at Langalda. The project as a whole will improve security of supply to the public and businesses alike. The environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the line was carried out by Mannvit  and was performed parallel to the EIA of the plant itself but the line route was changed in 2010, as stated in a press release on Landsnet’s website (owner and operator of the line).


Mannvit played an important role during the preparation of the line, including research, preliminary design and feasibility study. Mannvit also performed the environmental impact assessment (EIA) and supervision of related EIA work. At construction phase Mannvit carried out the design, tendering and tender documents as well as various tasks during construction, such as assisting Landsnet‘s workers on site during stringing of conductors and earth wires.


Mannvit was involved in the Budarhals HEP project from the beginning, supervising the geological- and hydraulic research, pre-design and feasibility study. Tender design and tender documentation of penstock and gate equipment, participation in evaluation of tenders and procurement, review of detail design.


According to a Landsnet press release the cost of Budarhals HV line 1 and substation is 1 billion ISK compared Landsnet‘s total construction cost in transmission of about 7 billion ISK in 2013.