Article - 23/10/2014

New CEO of Mannvit

Dr. Eyjolfur Arni Rafnsson, who has been the CEO of Mannvit for the past 12 years, will be stepping down as CEO at his own request at the end of 2014. Mr. Rafnsson will continue to work for the company in the areas of Project Management and Business Development. 


Mr. Rafnsson's successor as new CEO is Mr. Sigurhjörtur Sigfusson, who has held the position of CFO at Mannvit since 2012. Mr. Sigfusson is a Certified Public Accountant and has a degree in Accounting and Business from the University of Iceland. Prior to his position at Mannvit, he was the Head of Planning and Analysis at Skipti, holding company of Siminn (Iceland's largest telecom company).