Article - 29/06/2021

Microalgae and blue beer to the rescue? Podcast

Microalgae and the future of food production. These topics are explored in this podcast episode on Vaxa Impact Nutrition in Iceland. What are microalgae? What products can we get out of them? Can you actually make a healthier blue beer from algae?  Why is the Vaxa plant located in Iceland and why the pink discotheque lights? We talked to Christian Schröter, PM and Einar P. Einarsson, Electrical Engineer, about the construction of the algae patented technology production and why its important to our planet.

The Vaxa plant currently converts clean energy into sustainable food products, rich in Omega-3 and protein, but has endless possibilities for producing potential future products. The algae cultivation uses the natural outputs of the Hellisheidi geothermal power plant located near Vaxa Impact Nutrition, including renewable energy, cold and hot non-marine water, and carbon dioxide to grow the algae. The plant is therefore a terrific example of the circular economy. The production process has no carbon footprint because it uses carbon dioxide (CO2) to grow algae and actually produces oxygen (O2). Find out more by listening below, or on Spotify and in Apple Podcasts.


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