Grænlandsskrifstofa Mannvit ApS Nuuk -
Article - 17/11/2015

Mannvit Office in Greenland

Mannvit has opened an office in Nuuk. The office will serve a growing market for engineering services in infrastructure, industry and energy in Greenland.  The office is located in the capital of Nuuk on the west coast, which is the country's largest city with a good flight connection to Reykjavik.

New investment in the fields of energy, industry and infrastructure is increasing and Mannvit has already been involved in a number of projects in Greenland. Recent projects that Mannvit has worked on include hydropower, power transmission, airports, harbours and oil terminals.

Svend Hardenberg will manage the Greenland office, which is located at Inspektørbakken 35, 3900 Nuuk.