Kröflulína 3 Eftirlit
Article - 07/08/2020

122 km HV Line Under Construction

The new Kröflulína 3 is a 122 km long 220 kV line under construction in Iceland. The line runs from a geothermal power plant in the North to a hydropower plant in the East.

The line has 328 steel masts weighing over 2500 tons, each one between 18-30 meters high. The new line replaces an older one from 1978, thereby providing greater stability and security of Landsnet's electric grid, stretching from the Krafla geothermal power plant to the Kárahnjúkar hydropower plant.

Construction of the new 220 kV "Kröflulína 3" transmission line is moving at a fast pace now, thanks to the contractor Elnos Group, despite the COVID-19 situation and difficult weather conditions.

Mannvit handles the Construction Management of roads, tower foundations, tower assembly and installation of HV lines.