Iigce 2022
Article - 08/09/2022

Indonesia Geothermal Convention & Expo

Mannvit is attending the Indonesia International Geothermal Convention & Exhibition (IIGCE 2022) September 14th-16th and is sharing a booth in a team with Verkis, Isor and Rigsis. These four companies are collaborating in the Indonesia region and are presenting at the Green by Iceland booth #A-134. These four consulting companies offer decades of experience in geothermal consulting that ranges from exploration to the drilling and engineering of power plants. Together, we can provide a full range of services to geothermal operators, developers and investors in Indonesia.

Gas Abatement and Cold Ends

Mannvit is also presenting two papers at the Conference; One is "Cold end & gas abatement in geothermal power plants", by Kristin Steinunnardottir, Kristinn Ingason, Katrin Ragnarsdottir, Teitur Gunnarsson and Thorsteinn Sigmarsson at Mannvit. The presentation talks about the cold ends of geothermal power plants, which consist of a condenser and a coolant. The condenser is a heat exchanger where vapor from the turbine is transferred to liquid with the coolant. Surface- and direct contact condensers are compared with respect to cost, effectiveness and environmental impact. Extraction and treatments of non-condensable gases are parts of the cold end and in particular type of the condenser. Although the environmental impact from geothermal energy production is considered relatively small, increasing environmental awareness calls for actions to reduce emissions from geothermal power plants. Emission of non-condensable gases, mostly carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide are among the concerns. Hydrogen sulfide can in certain situations become dangerous. Gas abatements are attracting more attention and their use in green power-to-X projects, i.e. to turn carbon dioxide into value is becoming more common.

Pilot Plant for Optimization

The other paper presented is on "New Pilot Plant Unit for Optimization of Geothermal Power Process", by Thorsteinn Sigmarsson, Hari Widianto at Mannvit, Trausti Hauksson from Kemía and Agung Wisnu Mukti from GDE. The presentation talks about a new mobile pilot plant unit that was designed and built for Geo Dipa Energi (GDE) in Indonesia. The purpose was to test different process cycles and find the most effective method of scale mitigation for GDE geothermal power plants. The pilot plant was designed with great flexibility, with two parallel process lines for testing two process options simultaneously.

We encourage all delegates to visit our booth to discuss your ideas and projects at this premier event in geothermal industry.