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Article - 05/12/2016

IDDP-2 Update

IDDP-2 is now the deepest geothermal well in Iceland at 4254 m. depth [Update 21.12.2016: Well depth 4626 meters]. The drilling continues with the objective to drill down to 5.000 m. This is a milestone achivement for the IDDP consortium, HS Orka, leading the IDDP-2 project, and the drilling contractor, Iceland Drilling. The RN-15/IDDP-2 reached beyond 4254 m. depth on November 27th. According to drilling reports from IDDP-2 "Drilling has progressed slowly but steady for the last few weeks. Since 3200 m. depth we have been drilling without getting any return of circulation fluid or drill cuttings to the surface. Seven times we have attempted to drill for spot cores, providing us with valuable rock samples for detailed petrological and petro-physical research. The well is cased with a 9 5/8-inch steel casing to 2.940 m, and after cementing the casing the well was deepened with 8 ½ inch rotary drill bit. While drilling below the casing, quite severe losses of circulation fluid were experienced."

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Source: IDDP