Article - 24/02/2017

IDDP-2 Completed Successfully

The IDDP-2 project was completed at 4,659 meters depth on January 25th and declared a success, reaching all of the initial targets. The targets were to drill deep, extract drill cores, measure the temperature and search for permeability. Temperature at the bottom of the well was measured at 427°C, with fluid pressure of 340 bars. Retrieval of drill cores was a difficult task that revealed the rocks appear to be permeable at depth. Due to the loss of circulation no drill cuttings returned to the surface after 3180 meters. “The practical implications of this project are that the IDDP provides developers with an opportunity to make more efficient use of geothermal energy, to produce more power from the same resource with reduced surface footprint and to generate power more economically” says Kristinn Ingason, drilling expert and Head of Geothermal dept. at Mannvit.

The PR states “It’s clear that the bottom of the well reached fluids at supercritical conditions, so that the main drilling phase objective of the project has been achieved. The drilling operation took 168 days since we began the drilling operation 11th August 2016.”

Mannvit is proud to be a part of this cutting edge geothermal project and looking forward to the challenges that face the IDDP consortium in the next phase. The project reached an enormous milestone when drilling to such depths and reaching the fluid pressures and indicative supercritical conditions in such an active high-temperature geothermal zone like Reykjanes, Iceland. The project offers the industry a unique opportunity to learn more about the roots of geothermal systems at conditions not encountered elsewhere.

Click here for the IDDP-2 PR.


Source: IDDP