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Article - 17/10/2018

Hydro 2018

Hydro's annual hydroelectric conference was held in Gdansk, Poland from 15 to 17 October. Íslandsstofa lead the group and Mannvit participated in Íslandsstofa's booth with Verkís, Efla, Vatnaskil and Landsvirkjun Power. Einar Erlingsson at Landsvirkjun Power and Sveinn Óli Pálmarsson, CEO of Vatnaskil, held a short presentation about the expansion of the Búrfell II hydropower plant. The aim of the companies is to introduce themselves to developers and operators of hydroelectric power plants, as well as to attend a lecture by specialists in the design and consultancy of hydroelectric power plants.

“Speakers from around the world discussed topics relevant to all aspects of hydropower and dams. Four parallel sessions gave delegates an opportunity to hear from experts in various sectors of the industry. The exhibition showcased companies large and small from around the world providing services and technology to the hydro and dams industry.This event is the 25th annual Europe-based Hydro event to be organized by AquaMedia.“