Article - 30/10/2015

EIA for 200 MW Wind Park

Landsvirkjun is preparing a wind park project, on the flatlands above Búrfell in Southern Iceland. The EIA draft report has been released online. Mannvit did the Environmental-Impact Assessment for the development of up to eighty wind turbines with a production capacity of 200 MW for Landsvirkjun, the National Power Company of Iceland. Mannvit is Landvirkjun’s consultant for the EIA and did a number of the field studies such as noise assessment, landscape analysis and assessment. Mannvit also did the design and animation of the EIA online version.

This is the first  wind park project in Iceland. Landsvirkjun currently operates two wind turbines at this location for research purposes. These turbines have some of the highest capacity factors in the world. The objective of Landsvirkjun is to conduct the environmental assessment in a transparent way in order to promote open discussion and facilitate public access to the EIA. Therefore, Landsvirkjun decided to issue the EIA report online. The EIA website for the wind park can be found here.