Data Center Forum Reykjavik
Article - 03/11/2022

Datacenter Forum in Iceland

Datacenter Forum was held in Reykjavík on 25 October 2022. Interesting facts from the Data Center Forum in Reykjavik 2022 emerged that data workload is moving to Iceland because of the soaring energy price and new sub-sea cable system provides a new low latency connection between Iceland and Dublin. Iceland being 10 milliseconds from the main data hubs in Europe!

Important Sector

Þröstur Helgason, Division Manager of IT from Mannvit, took part in a panel discussion called Data Center Changemakers Iceland - "Connecting Globally, Enriching Locally" talking about the working for Data Centers in Iceland such as Verne Global. The panel discussion called “Connecting Globally, Enriching Locally, “ where the discussion was that not only has the data center industry been able to contribute a new export revenue stream that capitalizes on Iceland’s inherent qualities, benefiting the economy as a whole, but it also offers high-paying jobs and partner with a vast network of local service providers, creating added-value for Iceland’s communities. How do we maintain this momentum in the face of local, regional, and global challenges, and what opportunities lie ahead?

The Data Center operators themselves also took part in the prior panel discussion among the data centers operators, who made the point that companies are now moving their data workload to Iceland because of the soaring energy price in Europe. Predictability of pricing has become a real factor for Data Centers where Iceland excels.

New Sub-sea Cable

Connectivity is improving even more with the new IRIS sub-sea communications cable opening in December. Providing even better connectivity to the world and redundancy. Iceland will be less than 20 milliseconds (back and forth) from the main data hubs in Europe! The impact is even low-latency will data belong in Icelandic data centers. It’s worth mentioning, data centers in Iceland run on certified 100% renewable energy. 100% of the time.