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Article - 17/11/2023

COWI acquires Mannvit - Podcast Episode

In May of this year, the international consulting company COWI acquired Mannvit, but the companies have had a successful collaboration in recent years, including the Borgarlína bus rapid transit (BRT) project in Iceland. The companies share the same values ​​and vision towards a greener and more sustainable future. In our latest podcast episode Jasper Kyndi, Senior Business Development Director at COWI Denmark, talks about the goals, the projects, the journey and what lies ahead.

Jasper says Iceland is in a unique position when it comes to renewable energy and that also applies to the human resources at Mannvit, that has a wealth of experience and expertise in that field. The goal is always that everyone is on the same page when it comes to sustainability in all projects.

"We do not want to work with fossils fuels anymore, we are exiting all projects with oil, coal, natural gas, because we think that is the services of the past – the services of the future are different and we want to transition our business towards those energy sources. We also made a choice were we said 100% of our projects need to promote sustainability – we do not want to work with clients who doesn‘t have an ambition towards being greener," says Jasper in his talk with María Stefánsdóttir in the podcast.


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