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Frétt - 06/04/2020

Vuforia Chalk at No Cost During the COVID-19 Crisis

Mannvit is the Icelandic local partner of PTC, which is a leading solution provider in the Internet of Things, augmented reality, computer-aided design and product lifecycle management, across all industries. PTC’s remote assistance product, Vuforia Chalk, leverages augmented reality to enable offsite and on-site employees for collaborative operation, maintenance, and repair products of all kinds.

Chalk can be described as a more powerful Facetime for industrial settings and it’s as easy to set up and use.

Today, we are facing unprecedented challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, until June 30th, and longer if the crisis dictates, PTC will be offering Chalk for free, with no obligations, for all those who feel this technology can help their teams better navigate this crisis and maintain business continuity. Mannvit can assist Icelandic companies in setting up Chalk for use in their organizations.

This video explains the ease of use for Vuforia Chalk:

Adapting to a new way of working remotely can be challenging for industrial companies to maintain social distance from fellow employees. The challenge can be especially acute when special expertise is needed to carry out specific on-site tasks – such as operating or repairing complex machinery. Here is an article showing how this software can be put to use for offsite and on-site collaboration.

Need Assistance? Mannvit can assist Icelandic companies in the setup and use for their organizations.

Gunnar Páll Stefánsson
Electrical Engineer M.Sc., Stjórnkerfi

Einar Pálmi Einarsson
Electrical Engineer M.Sc., Stjórnkerfi