Hólasandslína 3
Article - 26/08/2021

220 kV Hólasandslína 3 Transmission Line

The 220 kV Hólasandslína 3 transmission line is under construction. Stretching from Akureyri to Holasandur in the Northeast of Iceland. The contractor for the erection of masts and the routing of conductors has erected 30 masts out of 185 and assembled 42 masts. The mast foundations and trails are also being constructed and are approximately 60% done at this time. Mannvit supervises the construction of the transmission line.

The project involves the new construction of a 220 kV power line, Hólasandslína 3 from Akureyri to Hólasandur. The aim of the project is to improve energy efficiency, increase transmission capacity and ensure the stability of the electrical grid in the North and East.

The project is also important for the transmission system of the country as a whole, as it is an important link in strengthening the connection between the stronger part of the system in the Southwest corner and the weaker part in the East. The transmission line route is within four municipalities: Akureyri Town, Eyjafjarðarsveit, Þingeyjarsveit and Skútustaðahreppur.