Mannvit logo

The idea for Mannvit's logo is derived from a picture in the book "De divina proportione" of a rhombic (Rhombicuboctahedron). In this publication, Leonardo Da Vinci and the mathematician Luca Pacioli discuss geometry on a scientific note.

Origin of the Company Name

Mannvit is an ancient Nordic word meaning Wisdom (literally man-wits).

In the ancient Sagas, there is an immense Ash tree that spreads over the world and reaches in to the heavens. The tree, called Yggdrasill or the World Tree, connects earth to the heavens and is the daily meeting place of the gods. 

Mannvit (wisdom) and understanding come from a fountain hidden under one of the roots of the World Tree, guarded by the god Mimir. Every morning, Mimir drinks from the fountain, which gives him a great understanding of science.  The knowledge and understanding that come from drinking the waters of Mimir’s fountain is so valuable that the god Odin, the High One, gave up one of his eyes for a drink of its waters.

In the poems of Havamal are the words of Odin-traditional philosophies of Norse ethics and values. In the poems, we are taught to be prepared with our wits, wisdom, and the proper gear-and that there is no better preparation for challenge than wisdom, or Mannvit.