Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Mannvit operates according to an integrated policy on quality, health, safety and environment.

Mannvit is an international consultancy firm and focuses on offering economical and efficient services in the fields of energy, industry and infrastructure that fulfil the expectations and requirements of customers.

Mannvit operates according to an efficient and flexible management system which is integrated into the organisational structure of the company.

Mannvit is certified in ISO 9001 for quality management, ISO 14001 for environmental management and ISO 45001 for safety management. In addition, Mannvit undertakes to uphold the principles of the United Nations Global Compact.


Mannvit operates according to integrated policy that covers the entire operation and applies to all employees. Projects are executed in accordance with the policy, employing professionality, dedication and the knowledge of employees.

Mannvit focuses on clear and lean goals setting where management and employees work together toward established goals.


Mannvit is committed to focusing on continuous improvements and forward thinking in the resolution of projects.  Mannvit monitors and responds to changed requirements and innovations through continuous reviews of processes and performance. All incidents are recorded, reviewed and lesson drawn for improvements. 


Mannvit provides consultancy services that take account of sustainability. Mannvit emphasis environmental awareness among both our employees and customers and offers solutions that provide social, environmental and economic benefits. Mannvit is committed to be exemplary in environmental performance and deliver solutions that promote efficient use of resources, less waste, a healthy environment and prevent pollution.

Health and safety

Mannvit prioritises safety, health and wellbeing and always has these values in mind when designing and managing projects.

Mannvit offers its employees a safe working environment that promotes greater wellbeing and health. The focus is on the risk analysis of jobs, preventive measures and education to reduce the likelihood of work-related incidents such as accidents, incidents and near misses.  The company ensures that the working environment and employee facilities fulfil all legal requirements as regards occupational health and safety. Employees are consulted and their collaboration is sought as regards occupational health and safety within the company.

Mannvit's operations are certified under international quality ISO 9001, environmental 14001 and safety management ISO 45001 standards.
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