Personnel Policy

Mannvit is an ambitious and interesting workplace where open-mindedness, knowledge and joy are assured. The future of the company is largely based on the employees, who are recruited because of their qualifications, ambitions and personal characteristics.

Recruitment and Welcoming of New Employees:

Recruitment of employees is based on an impartial and professional practice. Mannvit takes pride in welcoming new employees and they will all get an introduction to the company and its operations, as well as introduction to the quality policy and system. Managers and the personnel manager are jointly responsible for welcoming new employees. 


Work Development and Training:

The future of the company is dependent on education, knowledge and development of employees. Therefore it is important that employees have the opportunity to work on diverse projects and that they are given the opportunity to develop and learn.



Mannvit believes that with regular feedback between employees and managers the employees will get more opportunity to develop and can thus increase their skills and knowledge.


Job Satisfaction:

Mannvit emphasizes on job satisfaction, good morale and the well-being of employees. Mandate for action is broad and employees are encouraged employees to share what they feel could be improved and what is good within the company. Respect, tolerance and a positive attitude in relations both within and outside the company is a key to employees and customers satisfaction. 



Each of Mannvit´s employees is appreciated for their own qualities, regardless of gender, age, nationality or religion. It is an objective that all employees will receive the same respect and have equal opportunity for employment, wages, compensations, training and facilities. Bullying and sexual harassment are not tolerated. To ensure equality Mannvit has an Equality Policy.


Health and Safety Policy:
Mannvit is concerned about the health of their employees and therefore it is a part of the personnel policy to develop and maintain an effective health and safety policy in order to contribute to improved well-being of the employees. It is ensured that working environment and facilities meet all requirements of occupational health regulations.


Family Policy:

Mannvit wishes to be a family-friendly company that allows its employees to integrate work and family responsibilities and encourages employees to keep a balance between work and personal life. Emphasis is placed on the involvement with employees families with the support of the company union.


Employment Termination / Retirement:

Mannvit wishes to meet with the employees requests of retirement, e.g. with the change of employment ratio or job responsibilities in the last semesters of work.

Employees who wish to retire will meet with the personnel manager where reasons for retirement are discussed. Thereby the company will ensure that lessons are learned and improvement made from suggestions and comments from retiring employees. 

Each of Mannvit´s employees is appreciated for their own qualities, regardless of gender, age, nationality or religion.