Equal-opportunity Policy

Mannvit's equal opportunity policy is based on the company's vision and values. Mannvit's competitive advantage is based on employee wellbeing, skills, knowledge and expertise.  Mannvit is committed to ensuring equal opportunities for employees and eliminating discrimination in any form it may appear. Everyone is valued irrespective of gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, race, color, economy, kinship and / or status in other respects. This equal opportunity policy is a commitment to comply with all legal requirements as well as other requirements regarding the principle that women and men shall receive equal pay for the same or equally valuable work

Mannvit emphasizes continuous improvement in all its activities, and the company’s management has set ambitious goals and action plans for gender equality.

This equal opportunity policy applies to all operations and employees of the company. Management is jointly responsible for the development of equal opportunity in conformity with this policy, whereas the final responsibility is held by the company's executive board. The company's human resource manager is responsible for the implementation of this policy.

  • Mannvit pays women and men equal pay for the same or equally valuable work. Equal wages shall be confirmed by periodic wage surveys, at least annually, and if an unexplained gender pay gap is measured, appropriate measures shall be taken to equalize wages.
  • All jobs within the company are suitable for both women and men and should be promoted to the fact that jobs are not classified as gender specific. Both men and women should always be encouraged to apply for available positions.
  • Job training and continuous education should be equally available to both men and women.
  • Employees can take advantage of flexible working hours, and a fixed-income policy has been implemented with the aim of reducing overtime and improving work-life balance.

Mannvit has the Equal Pay Certificate from the Ministry of Social Affairs in accordance with the Equal Pay Management System ÍST 85:2012.

The purpose of this certification is to prove no discriminatory practices take place based on gender and requiring women and men working for the same employer to be paid equal wages and enjoy equal terms of employment for the same jobs or jobs of equal value.

Equal Pay Management Certificate