Mannvit’s website uses cookies in order to improve user experience. Cookies will not be activated on Mannvit’s site until the user approves the use of the cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files downloaded to your device when you visit a website unless you have set your browser to stop them. The text file stores the user’s preferences to improve the user experience.

What cookies does Mannvit use?

Mannvit uses Google Analytics cookies. Google analytics is a web traffic measurement tool that enables Mannvit to track the visits to its site. The information is used to develop and improve our website performance and to adjust the website to the site’s traffic. These do not collect any personal information and Mannvit does not share personal data to any third parties

The cookies are stored for a maximum of 24 months since the user last visited Mannvit’s site.

SSL certificate

The web-system of Mannvit enables the user to fill out forms, such as for grant applications and registration to events held by Mannvit. SSL certificate encrypts information and thereby provides protection from outsiders to access the data, for example personal information.

You can read about our privacy policy here