The History

Our Story

Over 50 years of experience

Mannvit traces its roots back to 1963 when the engineering firms VGK and Hönnun were established. In 2007 and 2008, these two engineering companies, together with the third engineering firm Rafhönnun, merged to form the Mannvit.

The founders of VGK were the mechanical engineers Gudmundur Björnsson and Kristján Ágúst Flygering. They began operating as an engineering services consultancy firm at Skólavörðustígur 3A in Reykjavík. Keys to the premises at Skólavörðustígur were purchased on 7 March 1963 from Jes Zimson metal goods store. The receipt for this purchase is one of the first accounting documents to appear in the first accounting year of the company. 

The founders of Hönnun were civil engineers Gudmundur Gunnarsson, Jóhann Már Maríusson, Magnús Hallgrímsson and Thor Aðalsteinsson. Their collaboration began as a means to obtain extra work in March 1963 at the home of Thor in Reykjavík. The four were all employees of the State Lighthouse & Port Authority and took part in the strike of engineers employed by the state in the summer of 1963. When the government stopped the strike by means of an interim act of law, they all immediately resigned and decided to establish an engineering firm. Premises for the firm were rented in Reykjavík, and it was soon decided that the company should be named Hönnun (Design).

Rafhönnun sf. was formally established on 9 September 1969. Founders were the electrical engineers Dadi Ágústsson and Jón Otti Sigurdsson. The operation began in a single room at Skúlagata in Reykjavík. Both Dadi and Jón Otti were the employees of Reykjavík Municipal Electrical Works, and the operation of Rafhönnun was at first simply done in their free time.

VGK and Hönnun merged into VGK-Hönnun at the beginning of 2007, and when Rafhönnun joined them in 2008, Mannvit hf. was created.