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Why Mannvit?

Mannvit is dynamic and growing company.  At Mannvit you will get a chance to excel and work in an environment that is based on a solid foundation of knowledge and experience. Our organization works as a unified team and we are ambitious about creating a pleasant work environment with a rewarding and collaborative company culture.

Mannvit is always looking for talented people and we encourage everyone that wants to be a part of our team to apply.

General job applications or applications for a job posting can be submitted here below.

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A generational change is underway at Mannvit.


The focus is on a diversity in the background of employees.

We offer  an energetic and fun workplace where trust, knowledge, open-mindedness and well-being are our driving principles. The future of our Company is founded on the talent, ambition and character of our employees.

“There are many challenges in overseas market advancement. Increases in the number of projects overseas, moreover, will allow staff to widen their horizons, both professionally and personally.”

Handling of Applications

All job applications submitted to us are treated as confidential. Applicants for open job postings are answered when the position has been filled. General applications are answered when they are submitted and filed for six months. After that time the applications are deleted, unless the applicant contacts us again and asks us to keep the application on file for a longer period.

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