Complete Engineering Services

Mannvit is an international consultancy firm in the fields of engineering, technical services and innovation. The firm employs a dynamic team of experienced engineers and technically trained employees with diverse experience in most disciplines relating to engineering services. Mannvit provides reliable and professional consultancy services based on a half century of knowledge and experience across a wide variety of projects and industries.

We provide services in the fields of engineering, geoscience, environmental studies, IT and construction material research. We also offer complete project management and EPCM services. Our services are divided into three core fields: renewable energy & transmission; industry and oil & gas and infrastructure.



Mannvit seeks to evaluate projects with regard to sustainability and risk and in that way deliver social, environmental and economic benefits to its customers. Furthermore, customers are made aware of their environmental and social impacts and, where possible, offered solutions that increase sustainability of their projects.

Carbon neutral

Trees are planted to offset the carbon footprint of our vehicles. Wetland recovery efforts in Iceland are supported by Mannvit, to further offset the carbon dioxide release of our domestic travels. Mannvit plans to become carbon neutral by 2020.


UN Global Compact

Mannvit is part of the UN Global Compact, and puts specific measurable goals forward that are revised annually in order to ensure continual improvement.

Mannvit’s operations are certified in accordance with the international quality management standard ISO 9001, the ISO 14001 environmental standard and the OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management standard.

14 Offices in 5 Countries

Mannvit was established in 1963 and is wholly-owned by its employees. Mannvit’s headquarters are at Urðarhvarf 6 in Kópavogur, Iceland. In addition, we have eight offices around Iceland. Our overseas offices are located in Germany, Greenland, Indonesia and Hungary.

Mannvit operates well-equipped research and testing laboratories at Víkurhvarf 8 in Kópavogur. The laboratories are responsible for testing minerals, steel, rocks and concrete.

International team

Mannvit is an international consultancy firm operating in Europe, North and South America, Asia and East Africa. We employ an international team of experts who strive to ensure the profitability of our customers’ projects, while focusing on safety, the environment and delivering professional services. Mannvit’s subsidiaries in the field of engineering services are HRV Engineering and Vatnaskil Consulting Engineers in Iceland, GTN GmbH in Germany and GTN LA Chile.