From start to finish

Mannvit delivers expert results by attending to all the aspects of a project, from the initial idea to the finished product. Our experts have decades-long experience in all fields of design and construction. These include buildings, transportation infrastructure, traffic and planning, environmental studies issues, hydrography measurements, land surveys, geology and acoustics.

Mannvit experts have the knowledge necessary to resolve a diversity of challenges, whether they are at the preliminary design phase, project design phase or construction phase.


Mannvit has been involved in the design of office, service, industry and retail housing as well as the construction of utilities and transport infrastructure such as tunnels, airports, ports, roads and bridges. Mannvit’s experts also provide consultancy services in the field of transportation infrastructure planning. The company has extensive knowledge in the design of utility systems such, heating, water, data systems or sewage systems.

More project examples

Mannvit’s projects are extremely diverse and project success is ensured with our interdisciplinary approach, which also fosters innovation and increased efficiency.


“Some of our customers want us to manage all work components, while others have very strong views on how the project is to be carried out. Our role is to be as flexible as possible to ensure that our customers are successful in their endeavours.”


Tryggvi Jónsson

Director of Market- and Business Development