Development of new energy resources

Mannvit is dedicated to the development of renewable energy, energy efficiency and power transmission. The company offers a multidisciplinary approach and decades of expertise to ensure the success of every project we run with our customers.

The company has over 50 years of experience in geothermal energy, hydroelectric power, geothermal district heating, transmission and numerous other projects in-line with the company‘s commitment to renewable energy. Mannvit has played a leading role in harnessing these energy resources in Iceland. The company provides services for geothermal, hydropower and transmission projects in markets such as Europe, North and South America, Eastern Africa and Asia.


Mannvit offers a broad range of services in renewable and alternative energy consulting and engineering, from the design and construction of environmentally friendly biogas and biofuel plants to the improvement of energy transmission, soil composting, waste management, green data centres, CO2 sequestration and reduction, carbon recycling, combined heat & power and more.

More project examples

One of the three cornerstones of Mannvit’s operation is services in the field of energy-related projects where the company has established extensive knowledge due to natural conditions in hydro resources and geothermal energy in Iceland.



Geothermal development consulting from A to Z

“Mannvit has for decades played an important role in harnessing Iceland’s energy resources and multiple geothermal, hydropower and transmission projects worldwide. The company has risen to international prominence in renewable energy technology and is now exporting this know-how to the global community.”


Árni Magnússon

Managing Director of Renewable Energy & Transmission